The Team

Executing flawless art direction, makeup, hair, and fashion styling.

KS Styling Team was founded by award-winning stylist and art director Kimberly Steward. Over the past 15 years, Steward has gained indelible experience in the image marketing, fashion and beauty industries, skillfully executing campaigns for corporate and fashion clientele alike. She is renown for her attention to detail and flawless execution in the areas of art direction, makeup, hair and wardrobe styling.

Through her work tenure and focus on artist development and mentorship, Steward has hand-selected a styling team comprised of emerging and established beauty professionals who are at the top of their class and poised to climb even higher. The team’s members include hair/makeup artist Bailey, nail technician and makeup assistant Thoa Tang aka Jade, team/production assistant and wardrobe styling assistant Janay Henry.



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Clients and Published Work

We have gained the pleasure of working with amazing clients:

LDJ Productions www.ldjproductions.com
Scripps Networks Interactive (Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, GAC)
UpFront www.alwayslead.com
WOODCHUCKcase www.woodchuckcase.com
Rhoda Vashti Jewelry + Design www.rhodavashti.com
Georgia Ellyse www.georgiaellyse.com
(i am) isis www.iamisisis.com
+ more…

Published Work:

Billboard – Outdoors in Minneapolis (35W & Stinson Blvd)
ABC Family
Insight News (Front Page)
NuMode Magazine
Wall Street Journal
Trax Magazine
+ more…

The Boss
Kimberly Steward (Art Direction, Makeup, Hair, & Wardrobe Styling)

Kimberly Steward is an award winning image maker and image marketing expert who started doing hair and make-up at the age of 12. Having two sisters that are master hair stylists and extension gurus, she was bound to pick up a thing or two. From her humble beginnings with a Mary Kay tester kit, and Con-Air curling irons, Kimberly has learned the tricks of the trade and has become a master in her own right.

As an image marketer, Kimberly Steward  helps her clients connect the dots between their image and their earnings. Early in her career Kimberly understood that image is directly connected to revenue stream. She began to execute image campaigns for companies such as Target and Verizon. After sitting in sales and marketing meetings with such companies, she decided to offer her services on a broader scale. Whether an entrepreneur, small business, corporate executive, fortune 500+ company, singer, model, etc., Kimberly draws on her knowledge of business marketing and skills as a stylist to make her clients visible to their target audience.

The Understudy
Bailey (Hair + Makeup)

Bailey is a licensed cosmetologist and model with a love for all things hair, makeup and fashion. After seeing Kimberly Steward’s work, Bailey was determined that she would work closely with Steward. After modeling in a photo shoot and asking Kimberly for her help, Bailey realized it was going to be more work then she thought. Taking the opportunity by the reigns Bailey began an internship with Steward that would change her career instantly.

As a makeup artist, Bailey has assisted Steward in various well known brides, musical talent, and events. As a hair stylist, Bailey has worked for several brands and celebrities, including Target, Tyson Beckford, Scripps Networks (Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV, GAC, and more) talent such as Vanilla Ice, The Property Brothers and many more.

The Technician
Thoa Tang aka Jade (Nail Technician + Makeup Assistant)

Thoa Tang aka Jade is not only a Nails Pro Magazine award winner, but she is also the youngest certified Nail Technology instructor registered in the state of Minnesota and the only specialized and certified Swarovski Crystal Culture Stylist and Distributor, also in the state of Minnesota. November 22nd, 2014, Jade opened up her first official studio located in St Paul, MN, Jadelicious Nails Creations Studio (aka JNC Studio). At JNC studio, Jade gives VIP service to every customer. By being the only technician in her studio, customers join Jade in a cozy and peaceful environment where as Jade says, “ …I don’t just paint nails, I give them the respect they really deserve as being part of the Fashion world; I DRESS NAILS.”

Now also starting her journey into makeup, Jade is looking to create the full 360 experience for day to day and fashion clientele alike.

The Assist
Janay Henry (Team and Production Assistant + Wardrobe Styling Assistant)

Focus, flexibility, and loyalty are 3 key components when working with a boss like Kimberly Steward, and Janay Henry is just that. From assisting Steward and the team with production and execution to writing and task development, Henry has the resolve to get the job done.